Alpine Anglers Club

This great club is Cheap as chips to be apart of. There are people from across Australia that fish on their own time when they are in the area.

Upcoming Events


Mitta/Dart Comp     10th February 2018

Lake Eildon Club Trip Away   19th to 22nd of April 2018

Dart Cup               8th  9th & 10th June 2018

Dart/Commercial    28th & 29th July 2018

Dartmouth Women’s Fishing Comp             16th & 17th November 2018

Mitta/Dart Comp    10th November 2018

Mitta/Dart/Benambra Comp                           24th November 2018

AGM                            8th December 2018

New Weigh in Station

We (Chappy) have secured a lock box on the wall behind the post office. If you need to weigh in you fish after shop hours then you can do so. Inside the lock box is a set of scales and a weigh in sheet . Put the Scales on the Weigh in table and weigh your fish. . Fill in the details noting if your Trout isn’t cleaned for 10% to come off.

Have your details countersigned were possible. Please Clean the scales when finished and replace in the Lock box.

The Dartmouth Alpine Anglers has approximately 180 members from as far away as Perth and Tasmania.

To Accommodate these anglers and the distance they travel we have 20 days of fishing each year which the individual angler can nominate.  So if you are only in the area twice a year you can fish at those times and nominate them as your fishing days.

Anglers get 20 Points for a nominated fishing day weather they catch a trout or not, then for every kg of trout caught the angler gets 10 points

These are totalled at the end of the year and the 10 ten anglers for the club are announced, at presentation night.  Also The Best Species for the Year and junior prizes


The club run two major competitions throughout the year which attract from 500 to 1000 people to the town ship of Dartmouth.  The Dartmouth Cup TBS Marine Fishing Classic and the Dartmouth Women’s Fishing Classic.  Both competition are vital to the communities viability.   They increase the awareness of the fishing in the area and increase of Tourists to the area.  Over the two competitions with an estimate of 500 competitors and up to One thousand visitors with an overall regional income Injection of around $160,000 throughout in the week prior, during and preceding the Competitions

The Dartmouth Alpine Anglers Club also participates in two interclub competition the Mitta/Dart Competition which is held in February and again in November with the Mitta Angling Club.  The other competition is the Commercial Club/ Dartmouth which is held in July and run over three days with an dinner and trivia night on the Saturday night.